All glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga

Overview: Phases

  • Phase 1     Permits
    We need to obtain a development permit from the county of Santa Cruz. The planning department requires a Level V approval, which requires a public hearing by the Zoning Administrator.

  • Phase 2     Infrastructure:
    • Roads
    • Water System
    • Septic System
    • Parking
    • Drainage System
    • Sidewalks & pathways

  • Phase 3     Guest House and Dormitories
    There will be several 6 bedroom guesthouses. Each room will have a private bathroom. These will provide accommodations for both full time servitors and short term guests.

  • Phase 4     Dining Hall & Kitchen
    We will remove the old Prasadam hall and in its place construct a new 2-story dining hall. Behind the Prasadam hall we will construct a new commercial kitchen in a separate building.

  • Phase 5     Temple
    The removal of the old building and the new construction of a 2-story Temple building to include an assembly hall, altar, offices, meeting rooms, reception room and a few sleeping rooms.

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