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We encourage you to read in a mood of prayer and receptivity to the Lord’s revelation and we also hope you will write to us with questions and visit our centers for enlivening spiritual discussion.

"We must read the holy books, we must not cheat ourselves. We have many books but the devotees do not read. Actually I also do not read. I do not have the time and because of that I do not read. But I had the opportunity to hear from Srila Guru Maharaj. If some brilliant boy will hear for forty-two years from an expert, he must also become an expert. In that way some knowledge has come to me. But when you do not have that opportunity then you must take the help of the holy books. If I were alone it was my habit that before sleeping I would reading something. When I am reading I cannot see around me who is seated nearby or who is talking and I cannot hear what they are talking about. This habit did not come to me within one day but gradually I have come to give much attention to what I am reading. Now when I am reading I am forgetting my environment. It is my desire that everybody will get this habit. If you give this type of attention to reading you must proceed in your practicing life. I am loudly telling to you, "You try to read the holy books, you must be benefitted." Srila Guru Maharaj has six books, more than six books now. Then it will be helpful if we will try to read those books. That is much better than reading the Bhagavatam or other Scriptures. How will we understand the Bhagavat? If you try to read the Bhagavat you will not be able to understand the meaning of the Bhagavat. It is necessary to read Srila Guru Maharaj's books: Search for Sri Krishna, Loving Search for the Lord Servant, Golden Volcano, Subjective Evolution, Sri Guru and His Grace. I also have some books. If the devotees will read my books, Divine Guidance, Divine Servitor, etc. then I think they can solve fifty percent of their questions through those books. So try to get help from those books. It is necessary to get that knowledge first. Then you can read the Bhagavat and no problem will come to you."
- Srila Bhakti Sundar Govinda Dev-Goswami Maharaj, The Divine Servitor

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